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Skilled Nursing

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5 Star Healthcare, Inc. home health nurses provides an invaluable service to patients who are recovering from an injury or illness at home. They specialize in a wide range of treatments, education and emotional support to everyone from children to  elderly who need palliative care for long-term and chronic illnesses. Our nurses develop a plan of care and treatment customized for the patient at the patient’s home. Assessment usually involves listing and obtaining information about the patient’s medical history, treatment goals, prescriptions and available resources at home.

Once the nurse develops a plan to work with the patient, they then coordinate with the doctor, pharmacist and other health professionals, such as  therapists and social workers. The nurse’s duty at this point is to ensure that everything at home is running as smoothly as it would if the patient were in the hospital setting. It is important that the nurse pays close attention to detail and makes sure that all team members are properly informed of any changes from the original treatment plan.

Once the nurse has coordinated with medical and nursing team members, the treatment plan begins.The physician can make the determination of the patient who will service the home health services. Depending on the type of injury or illness, the patient will undergo the same type of treatment they would normally receive at a hospital. They may have physical therapy, speech therapy or occupational therapy to help them recover safely at home. The nurse will schedule times to visit and will also remain in contact with the patient and/or family throughout the treatment process.




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